Specks Standard Of Perfection (Tongue-in-Cheek)

By speckledhen · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. speckledhen
    Okay, I'm so tired of SOP, SOP, I wrote my own SOP.

    Speckledhen's Poultry Standard of Perfection

    Single, pea or rose, or combination thereof. No others permitted.

    Firmly attached to neck, in proportion to the body.

    Must be completely feathered. No naked necks.

    Shanks and toes:
    Must be in proportion to the body. No extra long ostrich legs or extra short dumpy legs allowed.
    Any color acceptable.

    Must have lots of it, especially butt-fluff, however, must not look like they're wearing clothing two sizes too large!
    Any color except white.


    Any pattern and any color except white are acceptable.
    Must have real feathers. No silkie feathers, no frizzles, sizzles, or other "izzles" allowed.


    Hens must lay eggs occasionally. Any color is acceptable.
    Hens must have tendency to brood once a year, but no more than once. No "serial broodies" permitted.
    Roosters must be calm, even-tempered and non-human aggressive, but alert, protective and good to his girls.
    Friendly and curious personalities necessary in both sexes.

    The only judge as to whether a bird meets this Standard is ME.

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  1. speckledhen
  2. purelypoultry
    I love your standard of perfection!

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