Here's our first egg layer. And BOY did she let us know how hard she was working. I think she must have cackled for over an hour.

March 8th, '09 Our RIR's give us our first egg!

My 9 year old cleaning out the Chick House in preparation for the Breeders Call that our Americauna's are ready!

Our Dominiques and RIR that were hatched in Feb '09 hanging out in the dog crate so the RIR hens can get used to them without trying to peck them to death

Here we have my youngest son with his chick he's named 'Thomas' or 'Thomasa' depending. Funny because the chick was perfectly happy hanging out on Owyn's head, it took threats of pooopy head to get the chick down.

Ian didn't care about pooooopy shirt, he and his chick 'Hedwig' hanging out in the truck after we'd just bought them.

Now the chicks are safely at home (it's too cold for them to go into the chick house tonight) Tomorrow, they will be introduced to their new home.