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Splashies Page

By splashie, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. splashie
    We have quite the crew! It's a mad house at times, but we wouldn't change a thing!

    Rhode Island Reds
    Silkies: Blues, Whites, Splash
    Malaysian Serama
    Cochins (most colors)
    Red Shouldered Yokohamas
    Blue Birchen Marans
    Silver Sebrights
    Black Tailed Buff Japanese
    Black Tailed White Japanese

    Mandarin Ducks
    Call Ducks

    Fawn Runner Ducks

    Flemish Giant - doe
    2 Calico Rex - 1 doe, 1 buck

    Domestic Pets (all spayed/nutered):
    3 dogs: Rosie (Pitt), Asia (Red-Nosed Pitt) and Luci (Katrina Rescue, mixed breed)
    3 cats: Nugget, Friday and Mrs. Shafer
    Pet pygmy goat: Maggie


    Blue Shoulder Cock
    Blue Pied, 1 hen and 1 cock
    Cameo hen
    White/Cameo hen

    We never know what we will add next! One thing I can say for sure is that I have the most loving and understanding husband with lots and lots patience! Our 7 yr old daughter is just loving the animals!

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