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This is a great diary spot. July 21, 2011
I received my second top hat special from MMH today. My first is about 5 weeks old now. Seems like longer than that. They grow so fast. Tomorrow I will probably see true feathers developing. I didn't take any pictures the first time of it. I was lazy and regretted being that way. The temperature outside is perfect for them during the day in the shade. I am going to teach my german shepherd to let them craw all over her and not to eat them. She is going to have to step up and know her role. As a guard dog, she sucks...as a hunter, she might have some skill.
This order is very different from the first. There is a variety of Polish that is not featured in the catalog-8 of them. All in all, I have 37 birds right now.
We converted an old dog house and the birds put themselves in at night. The "coop" is on stilts. I go out at sundown and close up the door. There is a plank from the coop to the ground that leads the birds to the garden that they tend daily. It was really neat to watch them grow up in the garden and learn their way around. We had to learn some hard lessons though, that we don't like to think or talk about.
I learned the meaning of "broody" today. I found the silkie that was missing for 2 days sitting a lovely clutch of 8 eggs. I had to force her off of them to take them (no roo) and didn't like the feeling. I think that is some sort of mother loosing baby instinctive feeling in me. I feel like I should give her some babies to adopt. Maybe I will put a couple of chicks with her tomorrow. I will lift the roof off the coop and put some nests in it so they are nesting in the coop and not in the garden; nesting in the garden is risky. I should have already had them nice places in their coop. Duh and shame on me for taking this long to do it. What was I thinking? I wasn't...
I am going to do a egg sink test right now. The clutch will be fed back to the flock-this time. Getting free food produced by these chickens gives a feeling that is undescribable.