It all started May 30, 2011 on a quick run to the local hardware store for an umbrella. Once inside, I saw a metal trough with a light on top, & heard the cutest sound coming from it. Like a kid at Christmas, I excitely headed that way, & saw the cutest things ever- dozens of little chicks. I texted a pic to my husband saying look what they're selling at ***. I immediately ran to the isle with their supplies- grabbed Start & Gro feed, the water dish, the feeder dish, & went back to the chicks. I was very upset when they said they were all sold- saying if that was the case, they should be in the back because it wasn't nice to get my hopes up. Another store clerk came up & said, no, only the yellows were sold, but the dark ones weren't. I scooped up 4 cuties & jumped in my car, excited, but knowing I had no idea what I was getting into

In the meantime, my cell had beeped 4 times (I sort of ignored it on purpose.) As I got home I read them: 1st: No! 2nd: I mean it, NO! 3rd: I know you hear me! 4th: There better not be chickens in our house!

I immediately took a picture of our kids holding the chicks on our sofa, with a text that said "oh, oops, I didnt see your message. No refunds. Arent they adorable! And cheaper then another baby!" (I had a dream that morning I was pregnant & our kids are 12 & 10, & that wouldn't be ideal for us- not that we dont ADORE our kiddos!)
He simply replied "Dork!"
Hes been with me 15yrs, so he knew what he was doing when he got home

I spent 6 hours (mostly on this website) reading everything everyone had to say, looking at pictures, panicking I had the temporary set up to cool, too warm, too drafty, not ventillated enough, cleaning & recleaning the water feeder, trying to decide where a coop will go, what building materials we will use, & holding my adorable babies.
So... here I am, a city chic, who lives in a subdivision with a typical Phoenix area sized yard, 2 toy poodles, a an indoor-only cat, the 2 kiddos, the sweetest & most tolerant husband ever, who thankfully is very handy with tools, & now 4 adorable speckled sussex chickens!
(I did do some research & we are allowed to have chickens in my subdivison- just not roosters, in case anyone was wondering.)
Feel free to message me if you have tips, guidance, words of wisdom or kindness, funny chicken stories....but please, not if you have critisism that isnt constructive, or just plain mean things to say. Thanks!
OH- & did I mention I never got the umbrella- hahahaha.