Hi! My name is Spooky and I'm a quail addict. It started a few months ago with six "button quail" reportedly in three mating pairs. They turned out to be 6 Coturnix quail, 5 roos and a hen! I found homes for two of the roos, and went to pick up two more hens for the remaining roos.
I came home with 4 more Coturnix and two pairs of actual Button quail. A week later, a friend who'd fallen in love with my buttons wanted a pair of her own, so back to the breeder we went.. and I came home with 2 more Coturnix and 3 more Buttons. This left me with 9 Coturnix and 7 Buttons. It's not my fault, I swear! The last little Button, Cricket, fell asleep in my hand and I HAD to take him home with me!
Two of my quail were "mutts" - a mix of Bobwhite, English, and Tuxedo. The smaller of the two failed to thrive and subsequently faded away on me, so I am down to 8 Coturnix.
When my Buttons began laying, I bought an incubator. The second egg the hen laid, she actually sat on.. for a night. Then she abandoned it. Into the 'bator it went. She seemed to have the setting part down, but not the concentration to actually stay on them. Then, after 11 eggs - 7 of which are in the 'bator - she finally caught on and is now setting on four. I'm leaving them under her to see what happens. The second pair just started laying, and they put them in the nest box - I'm going to leave them alone and see what happens with those as well.
BYC has been a bad, horrible, evil place to be.. I had quail, just a FEW quail.. and now I'm not only hatching more quail, I'm looking at other people's birds and going "OOOOH!!! Saramas! TINY AND CUTE! Honey? Can I have tiny cute chickens? OOOH! Silkies and Frizzles! HONNNNNEEEYYYYY.. can I have muppet chickens, too?!" Thankfully, thus far, the answer has been, "You can have anything you have a cage for.. as long as you don't ask me about getting another cat."
This board is full of enablers. I'm so happy to be here :)

Also: I sell mealworms.
Here are my rates:
100 mealworms @ $2.00
1000 mealworms @ $15.00
Starter colony, including 700 mealworms and mature beetles, housing, and directions/tips on mealworm husbandry @ $25.00

The difference between the straight worm price and the colony price is that straight worms are sifted out of the substrate I have mine in and put in new substrate to be shipped to you. The colony is a chunk of my colony, bedding and all, so there are all stages of the mealworm development present - egg, larva, worm, beetle, and you'll also get a container to house them in to start you off.

Shipping is either first class mail if you live somewhere warm or priority mail flat rate if you live somewhere cold right now - the worms can handle anything above freezing for several hours, but if it's below freezing, they'll die very fast if left outside in a mailbox. The starter colony has to go in the large flat rate box, and costs about $12 to ship that way. To ship 100 mealworms first class costs about $2. Priority is $4.80. I always send with delivery confirmation, but I pay that.

My colony is 8 years old and well established. The worms are fed a mix of organic wheat bran, organic fortified baby cereal, organic oats, and fresh fruits and veggies for extra vitamins and moisture. They also get ground up quail eggshells left over from the hardboiled eggs that get fed back to the birds. I don't put anything into the worms I wouldn't feed to my quail.

I can take PayPal but am also always willing to barter.

If you're interested in purchasing, PM me with the following info:

Your name

The address to be shipped to

How many worms you'd like or whether you want the starter colony

First Class or Priority Mail (Caveat: I will NOT send them first class to any state that gets below freezing temperatures until Spring. I will only ship priority mail with signature confirmation)

Paypal or Barter offer? Feel free to include offer. The only things I'm not interested in are large fowl or waterfowl. No room to keep 'em.