Our Chicken Paradise
A year ago I purchased 4 girls for my boyfriend. We just moved from the city (SF) to the "country" (Ben Lomond, CA), and wanted to get a pet. My boyfriend had chickens as a child, but I never had them, so I figured we would give it a shot. I got two RIR's (Fiesty and Baby) and two Australorps (Yellow and Shy Girl) and away we went. Building the coop was the toughest part. It took me a few weekends, and here is the result. I used 1/2 inch square wire, and burried the 6th side in the ground eight inches, since I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains and there are racoons and coyotes here.

Here are some pictures of the coop in progress:


I like to think of it as a little FLW inspired, but I don't know if I would win any design awards with it. It took two full sheets of plywood, 4x4's, 2x4's, wire, plexiglass for the windows, some trim and a screen door hardware kit. Pretty basic, and very animal proof...none get in and none get out! I read a lot of pages and looked at a lot of coops on this website which is how I got introduced to BYC.com, and I am glad to be here!
A year later we got three more chicks. A 4 week old White Delaware and two new Buff Orpington chicks.

Left to Right (Saffron, Snow, and Squash)
Currently we are trying to integrate the young ones into the new ones.​