Hello Everyone,
My wife and I live in small country town on the northern border of Connecticut, I would love to here from any other connecticut members, maybe we can share tips and ideas! We are new to having chickens but sure do look forward to the fresh eggs and enjoying our new family members. I am going to do my best with getting some photos of the coop contruction (not so great with computers). My neighbor thinks I have gone a little overboard with the "Chicken Chalet" but hey we all know how the ladies love to have a nice house :) more to come soon! Coop is 60% done and the chicks are coming soon! After reading many horror stories I was sure to have the coop done before the birds were hatched :)
Okay Coop is all done except for very minor details, the girls have arrived and are in the brooder in the garage. I have photos, I just have to get my wife to help me get them on this page :)
Coop is done!!! Solar light and vents!! Girls are on there own in there new coop. Pics to come very soon , wife said she will help me with getting my pics on :)