I am new to this chicken stuff, but grew up with it and remember how exciting it was to go to my grandparents house and she would have a card board box full of baby peeps!!!!
Here is my coop, I purchased one and when it arrived I realized it was way tooo small so we took the kids playhouse, which they don't use anymore and move it and made it into the other half of the coop.

The Run, it is divided into two sides so I can either put them in one or the other and let the grass grow

The purchased coop came with three nest boxes

The roosts and the inside of the playhouse. The ramp leads to the new purchased coop where the nest boxes are located

I have 6 silkies and 3 red sex links, and 3 white leghorn chicks. The chicks are 10 weeks old.(6/10/2010)

Here the chicks are a few weeks old First time in run! ♥They love it!!♥
We have also added two Cockoo Marans
Emmett and Willow