Please Please help!
A 3 day old chick is having problems...I identified part of it as pasting and cleaned her vent and put canola oil on her. She was laying on her side when we found her. We put her in a box with shavings and a dish of food and water but she didn't eat. We made a mixtre of egg yolk, oatmeal, yogurt, bread and mild and have been using a syringe to feed her. LAst night she was chirping and more alert. We have her box on top of a heating pad and turned on the oven to the lowest setting, 170, so the air around her would be warm enough. this morning she was in the corner on her back and her vent needed cleaning again. We fed her again but she isn't chirping and seems weaker when she stands. She won't eat by herself but will swallow when force fed when we open her beak. She is proucing droppings that are clear, black and white but not formed. We were hoping if she made it through last night she would be able to live. Do you have any helpful ideas so she can live to play?
We ordered 30 and the rest seem to be doing fine! We have them in a plastic pool with shavings, straw from the box they were shipped in, a waterer, and crumbles.