”Oh daddy, aren’t they cute?...what should we name them?”...I'm sure many of you can relate!...those famous words from our lovely daughters. It was only a matter of time. Not sure who talked who into it as my wife has been talking about the new baby chicks at the farm store every spring for several years now. Bertha, Georgie (cause she's the curious one) and Peaches joined the family about 5 weeks ago. After 2 weekends and some long nights after work, several trips to the building $upply $tore, they were introduced to their new home. Life in the new coop seems pretty content for the new brood. Only took them a few days to figure out the ramp in. Now they are all in on their own before sundown. I just go out and pull the rope to close the door to keep them safe for the night. The pole out the top is for Electricity. It has an outlet up high inside for a heat lamp if needed in the winter and a fan in the summer.