Golden Comet Created by BANTAMWYANDOTTE
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

I have six of these lovley hens and I adore the breed. They are very friendly and commonly follow me out of the coop. They are excellent layers of a rather large brown egg. The average hen is suppose to start laying at around 22 weeks and reach around six and a half pounds. They have a very high feed conversion ratio and the roosters mature so quick that they make excellent fryers around 25 weeks. The hens are most red with splashes of white throughout the body while roosters are the oppisite. Instead of white on red, the adult rooster is red on white. These chickens are the greatest members of my flock and make a terrific first-time chicken for any family. Golden Comets are considered "seldom-setters" but in my experiance they are "non-setters" because in three years with six Golden Comet hens, not one has went broody or even tried. The cause of this is because most Golden Comets are a cross between a Rhode Island rooster and a White Plymoth Rock hen. The father's breed is a "average-setter" and the mother's breed are "seldom-setters". This causes the Comet to be a "seldom-setter" , at best but this also allows the hens to produce eggs well into the late fall and early winter. These birds are very hardy and are excellent foragers. My hens take to confinment well but prefer to free-range. They are not only good layers and large enough to produce young fryers but when bred to a larger rooster, the chicks tend to follow the fathers genes and grow very large, while taking the egg-laying ability from the mother. I crossed my six hens into a Production Red rooster who weighs around twelve pounds and the offspring averaged about 9 lbs per hen and 11 lbs per rooster. The hens are as good a layer as their mothers. The Comet is also an excellent pet. If taught young and cared for by hand, the Golden Comet make the finest pets of all the breeds. They are especially good with children if socialized correctly. I recomend that anyone, wether new or experianced, add an order of Golden Comets next spring and I promise you won't be disappionted!




Description / Information



This is my oddball Golden Comet. They're Coloration varies from hatchery to hatchery because some hatcheries use New Hampshire Roosters instead of Rhode Island Reds OR They usre a White Leghorn Hen instead of a White Rock.​