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  1. Mamagigi
    Chickens... the next frontier. This is the maiden voyage of the Starcoop Eggerprise. It's mission: to graze strange new vegetation, to seek out new life forms and eat them, to boldly feed how we've never attempted before.

    Feederation Runabout Class, Registry Number GNK-2013, Captain Jean Roost Pickyard, commanding (as it were). 1st mate Cluxanna Poy-o is joined by twin Hensigns Penny and Meggan Delayin', soil cartographers.

    Captain's log:
    Coopdate 20130714.1054 Found ourselves on this wet-class planet. Established temporary shelter, found food and water. Giant lifeforms have been observed. Tried to initiate first contact on all-known clucking frequencies, to no avail. Morale is shaky at best because Cluxanna egg-jected warp core soon after landing. 21 days until warp-core breach.
    Supplemental: warp core confiscated by giants and is in refrigeration unit. Intentions unknown.

    On the left,1st mate, Cluxanna Poy-o, a Brown Red OEG/Cochin Bantam cross with Captain Jean Roost Pickyard, a Brahma/Silkie Cross on the right.
    These twins are the Hensigns Penny and Meggan Delayin', soil cartographers. They are Buff Orpingtons, but not laying, yet.

    Coopdate 20130716.2045 Transport of new crew to rendezvous coordinates went well. After decontamination and quarantine protocols are completed we will begin exploring this vast new expanse. New arrivals bring us Sub-Commander T-Poultry, Dr. Beggerly Squawker, Chief Eggineer B'henna Torreggs, Hensign Henny Kim, and Ambassador Neechix.
    Supplemental: Crew photos and histories have been entered into the main computer's personnel files with some gaps to fill in.

    Hensign Henny Kim, a favorite of her former captain, sustained massive feather damage during her last away mission. She's a Buff Orpington cross.
    Dr. Beggerly Squawker, hailing from the Reds of Rhode Island, doesn't mind standing up for herself when she thinks she's been wronged. Also a favorite of her former captain as evidenced by her broken feathers.
    The most serious and much older arrival, Sub-Commander T'Poultry, a Barred Rock.

    Chief Eggineer B'henna Torreggs specializes in Olive Eggs though she hasn't revealed her parentage as yet.

    Ambassador Neechix, a flamboyant Buff Orpington cross, reporting for scavenging duty.

    Coopdate 20130719.1645 Per our Feederation President K, we were instructed to head to new coordinates to transport 2 refugees from a neighboring system and pick up 3 crew members sent to be an advanced landing party. Ru'Bawk is Chief of Security and Nester Christine Cackle have resumed their positions in the Eggerprise. Lt. Commander Jadzia Hatch has requested duty on a neighboring coop when it arrives. After the refugees applied for asylum, we have begun integrating them into positions throughout the Starcoop. One of Five and Two of Five of the Box are identical with the exception of markings on the wings and they will join the Delayin' sisters in soil cartography. President K is requesting that they be given new names to establish their identities when they are delivered to their new homes.
    Supplemental: We're at a temporary docking port awaiting a retrofit. Bad weather on the planet has everyone on edge. New additions not yet entered into log as scanning equipment broke. Repairs underway.

    Feederation President K has big plans for this crew. Mom has bigger plans for them to explore large quantities of the garden to remove the weeds hatched with this rain!

    Ru-Bawk looks on as Lt. Commander Jadzia Hatch, a Frizzled Cochin Bantam, lines up behind 1 of 5, a Cochin Bantam, to enter the Captain's Mess.

    Nester Christine Cackle, a black and white Cochin Bantam receiving last minute instructions from Ru-Bawk, a Frizzle Cochin Bantam.
    This is 2 of 5, one that came from the Box. She is a Cochin Bantam and will be reassigned to Feederation President K's private entourage.

    Coopdate 20130729.1945 Today we fulfilled the last of our crew roster for a while. 700.jpg

    We installed Kai Opecka, a 6 month old Aracuna/BCM as the spiritual leader. She is always leading the others in song.

    Her 3 month old sister, Major Kicka Nerys runs the resistance in regards to being penned. She will slowly be rehabilitated.

    The Duras sisters, Lurs-hatch and Inkoo-Bator, are often found being in cahoots with the Major. Maybe it's the similarity in age that fosters this close bond, but the three seem to find unexplored areas and love the raw worms they unearth.

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  1. chickenneighbor
    Wonderful! May they live long and prosper!
  2. Mamagigi
    Coopdate 20130928.2139 ~ Today marks the first full week of training for our first cadet squad. Many have gained their wings and have begun taking test flights. One such test flight resulted in the loss of a cadet. 20 potential graduates remain in the program.

    On a survey mission, the flock encountered a swing theory event. Nestor Christine Cackle decided to test it and found it to be a suitable vantage point.
  3. cathiesue
    i can't stop smiling! Wonderful!
  4. Mamagigi
    Coopdate 20130924.0432 It has been 4 days since the first new generation of Eggerprise have emerged from their maturation chambers. While developed enough for life outside the chambers, they must continue growing in a temperature controlled environment. Power to our nursery facility was disrupted sometime during the night and temperatures dropped to 81, well below the necessary 95 degree mark. Their calls for help alerted the giant who initiated power reboot protocols.

    In an effort designed to eliminate, or at least reduce, the plaintive cries, the giant placed our young ones in a small cardboard craft dubbed Shoebox transport to increase their warmth using their body heat. As the temperatures continued to drop, the giant fired up the auxiliary computer that generates extra heat. The craft was transported to Landing Pad HerLap. The auxiliary unit was placed on top of the box and the combined radiant heat stabilized the temperatures of of the young ones.

    Maintenance crews managed to get the nursery facility's power restored within an hour. After temperatures in the nursery reached suitable temperatures, the giant assisted the return of all little ones. There are now 41 embryos in maturation chambers again. We've discovered there is a need to have an ample supply of apprentices for future endeavors.
  5. Mamagigi
    Coopdate20130920.0515 Of the 32 remaining embryos due to hatch today, 29 have joined us though 3 perished within the last couple hours. Evidently the emergence sequence was faulty. 7 await transporting to another facility.
  6. Mamagigi
    Coopdate20130915.2350 All the embryos from the Quail species have exited their maturation chambers, 2 days prior to their slated arrival. Upon transfer to their homes, 2 perished in high temperatures. First Mate Cluxanna abandoned her brood due to crew issues. The squabbles nearby have prompted her to constantly reassert herself.
  7. Mamagigi
    Coopdate 20130909.1947

    Our maturation pods are housing 39 developing embryos. One pod was defective so we jettisoned it to the nearest disposal facility. We have one more that possibly is failing as well. 48 hours should give us ample time to determine it's ability to maintain life.

    All other crew members are filling out their rolls. We've had a serious case of molting occur so most of the Starcoop is out of commission. The discarded feathering of our uniforms doesn't last long in such an area. It is quickly reposted into the Food Replicators. Hensign Meggan Delayin died to injuries that could not be repaired.
  8. Mamagigi
    Starcoop Eggerprise Coopdate: 20130903.0842

    The events of the past few weeks have been extremely trying with the new members of the crew that constantly take unauthorized excursions into neighboring systems. The giants constantly retrieve these wayward crew members and remind us to stay within our negotiated borders.

    On Coopdate 20130822, we picked up 14 males being set free from an encampment in a local system. We brought them on board. The chief liaison between the giants and our Starcoop negotiated a transfer of 7 to the Stewport Depot for future assignments. The remaining 7 will be given red-shirts fairly soon.

    One week later we rescued another 6 males that escorted 36 babies still in their maturation pods. 5 will definitely be put out at the giants' Dumpling Base prior to our next coop retrofit to assist their efforts.

    Another Feederation member requested that we aid their efforts at hatching future generations. Our facility has the capability of maintaining 41 life-forms until they are capable of surviving without the additional heat and humidity. At this moment First Mate Cluxanna decided to maintain a small brood of 5 in her quarters.

    Our territory for exploration was expanded in the giants' system and as soon as final borders have been negotiated, I have determined a scouting mission will be in order. With a little effort, it will be a fertile ground for sowing seeds of friendship with the giants that dwell in this system.
  9. One Chick Two
  10. Mamagigi
    Coopdate 20130731.1221 Today Hensign Penny Delayin' was reassigned to a permanent medical bay due to a broken leg believed to be acquired from jumping off the giant's cooling device on the exterior of their domicile when it suddenly activated. The medical team released Captain Clutchryn Henway, a Rhode Island Red, to oversee the expeditions of a new craft. The Eggerprise also encountered some Black Copper Marans and 2 BCM/Aracuna on the journey which elected to adventure with us. The crew quarters are now at capacity. The computer will update their personnel files soon.
  11. Whittni
    Ha, I like Star Trek, thanks for sharing.
  12. Mamagigi
    Thanks. I love Star Trek and this allows me to explore my inner geek without being too crazy. It is my plan to keep up with our journey on this page. :D Sure you may share it.
  13. cathiesue
    This is wonderful! hope you don't mind...I shared your story on my Facebook page. Would love additional installments!

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