Hey :) my name is S t a r S t r u c k 2 0 3 !
My favorite color is Purple. im 17. i date an amazing guy named Oscar, we have been together for over 1 year and a half.
i have 9 amazing chickens. i love them to pieces! 4 Barred Rocks. 2 Buffs. 2 Rhode Island Reds. 1 Easter Egger
im hoping to have eggs soon and give them to friends and family, and sell some babies! :)

i cant waitt to have some new chicks, im thinking about getting some ducks too!
i also ride horses, i have an appendix Tb X Quarter Horse. her name is Chablis, i ride her hunter/jumper!
we usually jump 2'6 - 3'3. but i have jumped her 4 foot before! :)
anyways, enough about me.
peace, love, and all that good stuff ♥