Hello, My name is Stacey Bock and I am brand new to this site and fairly new to the chicken world.
My husband Stefan and I just recently bought 2 chicken coops and built a run, We have:
  1. Splash Americauna Rooster
  2. Ruby Rhode Island Red
  3. Buffy Buff Orphington
  4. Suzie Production Red
  5. Dewey White tetra tint
  6. Prissy White tetra tint
  7. Omlet Barred Rock
  8. Staush German Spitzhaben Rooster
  9. Bumble Blue Silkie
  10. Papricka Speckled Sussex
  11. Dominique Silver Laced Wyandotte
  12. Norma Jean Columbian Wyandotte
  13. Josie Golden Laced Wyandotte
  14. Dumpling Buff Bramha
  15. Malley Cuckoo Maran
  16. Cadberry Cuckoo Maran
  17. Tracey Dominique
  18. Penny Welsummer
  19. Millie Millie Fuer D’Uccle
  20. Frick Black Cochin Frizzle
  21. Frack Black Cochin
  22. Flo Splash Polish Crested
  23. Cruela White Crested Polish
  24. Joy Delaware
  25. Alice Partridge Silkie
  26. Lilly Splash Americauna
  27. Lola Splash Americauna
  28. Lucinda Splash Americauna
  29. Ursula Splash Americauna
  30. Loosey Splash Americauna
  31. Lacksidaisy Splash Americauna

We also have an English Bulldog, a French Bulldog. My husband and I are both Harley riders and Shark divers.
I ADORE my chickens! They are all very friendly, very healthy, and my pets. I welcome you to check them out on my facebook as I have NUMEROUS albums of them.
I am looking for a few Guinea Fowl to help watch out for Hawks., I love in Northern Ohio
Thanks, Stacey Bruce Bock
you can see all my pics on facebook