One Dozen Girls
All my girls were hatched on April 29, 2011. As of today, 24 Sept 2011, one of them has finally layed an egg. It was 54 grams and looked great. We hope to have enough eggs to sell to our neighbors and and some to the neighborhood. The flock contains, 2 - RIR, 3 - SLW, 2- BO, 3 - BR, 2 - BA. They are all brown egg layers and should all do a good job once they get started.
Here is the First Egg !!!
21 weeks and 1 day of waiting.

Here are some of my girls...

Sassy Sally

Buffy "The Tick Slayer"

I guess I can not leave out their guardian, Cassie. She take good care of all the girls and just loves being around them.