Hi everyone,
I have had a variety of chickens since 2002. I bought a flock of 8 hens and two roo's and 1 duck from a friend.
Dear hubby was not too happy seeing as we were building our home at the time, and I made them stop long enough to build a coop cause "they will be here in three days".
ha ha, yeah that went over real big.
But all is well that ends well. I still have the duck from those origional 11 birds, she is lame on one side but still gets around. ( thinks she is the head chicken, won't even swim.)
I now have 5 araconas, one of them a roo. one black hen that I am not sure what she is. These were all hatched at my cousins last fall for me and they have such a mix there, she dosen't even know what she has.
I also have one Isa brown and still the one duck, 4 Dairy goats, two cats. And hubby and me. I have a small handmade soap business. But other than that Just hubby and me and our furry and feathered kids.

I miss having my B'd Rocks, and Buff O's. I am looking to get a few of something else to add in this spring.