Pearl & Buttercup hanging out in brooder box

Our family has been wanting to raise chickens for some time now & in February 2011 our dream finally came true! We currently have an Amerucana (Petunia), a Buff Orpington (Buttercup) & a Barred Rock (Pearl). All hens...hopefully! We reside in sunny Southern CA.
My dear hubby & 12yr old daughter built our 4x8 coop and we are pretty proud of it. We live in a typical suburban neighborhood & made sure that the hen house is the required feet from all property lines. Hoping we don't have any upset neighbors, even though hens are completely legal in our city.
Most of our friends & family probably think we are crazy...but we don't care. My mom is already putting dibs on fresh eggs & hoping they bring back the nostalgic taste she remembers visiting her grandmother each summer.
Next project... more summer veggies in the ground & get that compost pile started!