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Sunny The 5 Egg Layers Chickens Page

  1. sunny & the 5 egg layers
    About Sunny & the 5 egg layers Chickens

    I have six hens that I got at my local TSC's Chick Days on March 3rd, 2011. These are my very first birds and thanks to the help of BYC and its members, my hens are very happy and healthy little critters. I got my chickens for the purpose of supplying the family with fresh eggs but they also have become our pets.
    I have two Production Reds (Yolka and Sunny), two Dark Brahmas (Omelet and Shelly) and two Black Australorps (Scramble [Also known as Kate] and Poachy).

    The day we got the chicks was very exciting. We had waited days for this one moment where we could bring our chicks home. When we arrived at the feed store we were overcome with the sound of chicks chirping. The family all looked at each other and quickly went to the big metal bins which held our future egg layers. We got our brooder supplies and chick feed and then told the sales associate what we wanted for chicks. We paid for our chicks and happily walked out of the store with a small box of chirping chicks. When we arrived home we got them in the brooder where they lived for 12 weeks. A lot longer then I would have liked but the coop was still being built and it was a big brooder and they had outside time.

    By week 18, while walking passed the chicken run I couldn't help but notice a tan egg on the ground. My heart skipped a beat and I went into the house to show the family. They were all really surprised and after taking some pictures we blew it out and have saved the shell ever since. We compared the egg to a store bought and we were overwhelmed with the color difference. After that moment of seeing the difference of the two eggs, I told myself I was never eating a store bought egg again.

    My girls are now 11 months old and are currently recovering from their first winter molt. They were not looking too good for a while there. They went from bald, to porcupine to feathers again. [​IMG] The joys of owning chickens!

    Thank you for reading about my chickens. Now onto the pictures. [​IMG]

    Scramble (Also called Kate) a black australorp as a day old chick.

    Scamble also called Kate at about 6 months.

    Sunny a Production Red as a day old chick

    Sunny at about 6 months.

    Poachy a Black Australorp as a day old chick.

    Poachy at about 6 months.

    Yolka a Production Red as a day old chick.

    Yolka at about 6 months.

    Shelly a Dark Brahma as a day old chick.

    Shelly (right) at about 6 months.

    Omelet a Dark Brahma as a day old chick.

    Omelet at about 6 months.

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  1. rival001
    wow that cute..

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