Supremo Waterer


3 push in Farm Tek 360 poultry watering nipples

1 eight foot 3/4 inch schedule 40 pvc pipe (cut to seven inch, twenty four inch and twenty six inch lengths).

2 3/4 inch pvc elbow connectors.

1 3/4 pvc end cap.

1 five foot pole (2 feet buried, 3 feet above ground)

1 five gallon plastic bucket.



1 inch bit.

11/16 inch bit.

I made a very simple watering system that makes the urban chicken farmer's life a lot simpler. You'll need three watering nipples from Farm Tek. http://www.farmtek.com/farm/supplie...ering_systems-ft1_hoses_nipples;pgwc1045.html (about $2.00 a piece). Get a five gallon bucket, 8 to 10 feet of 3/4 inch pvc pipe, two elbows, a cap and a coupler, and away you go. Set a post outside the coop. I used cedar pole salvaged from a downed tree, but any post will do. Cut three pieces of pipe as shown. Drill a 1 inch hole in the bucket. You'll need a watertight fitting to connect the pipe to the bucket. Anyone at a full service hardware store can hook you up with what you need for this. Drill 11/16 inch holes in the length of pipe that will extend into the coop and insert the nipples into the holes. Assemble the pieces and fill with water. Cost - maybe 10 to 15 bucks excluding shipping of the nipples. It works great. The chickens adjust to drinking from the nipples in less than a day. The water is always clean and lasts weeks.