Julie's Babies
I'm beginning what I hope will be a long career raising these adorable feathered pets. I finally talked my husband into the idea and the same day he consented, I bought my first 4 chicks, (bantams of unknown variety) and 2 ducks (mallards). All are straight run, so I'm getting very excited to find out what I have. It didn't take long to catch the bug and 2 days later, I got 10 more chickens, 2 black astraulorps, 2 rhode island reds, 2 sil-go-links, 2 easter eggers and 2 that I honestly cannot remember what they are. (How sad). Next came my 2 tufted pekins, 2 blue duck mixes, 2 rouens and my sweet Lucy Goosey. That was to be it, then I saw the cutest cochins at Feldmen's so of course, I had to get 2 black and 2 buff. Then...tractor supply got their new bantams in, silkies, and golden star pullets. 6 more chicks to the collection. I had originally thought I would have around 6 ducks, a couple geese and about 8 chickens. What turned out was 8 ducks, 25 chickens, and a goose. I am going to get one more goose to keep Lucy from thinking she's a duck, but I have to draw the line there. My husband is not thrilled that he has to build a much bigger chicken coop than what was initially planned, but I'm sure he will be as delighted as I am with the chickens once eggs start to appear. (My luck, I probably have all roosters!)