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By All-American-Chick · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Aug 17, 2012 · ·
  1. All-American-Chick
    6 mixed bantams-serama and red pyle modern roosters over serams,one black and 3 red pyle moderns,one dutch hen,mixed golden sebright-can ship early this week

    Cute little goatie

    2 FULL SIZE bars of Goat milk soap
    List of available soaps updated

    coffee scrub-great for getting yucky smells out and exfoliating has finely ground coffee in it
    Lavender-has Essential oil and lavender flowers sprinkled in it
    Spiced apple-apple tea sprinkled within and cinnamon essential oil give the scent of a freesh baked pie
    some of the soaps are molded into shapes


    Feel free to mix and match to what is considered a trade


    Homemade laundry soap.
    I'll send all needed to whip up some homemade laundry soap.

    4 sets of 2 (8 total) hair clippies made by me.
    I'll get a picture up here soon.
    very cute both our girls wear them

    Mixed kids glycerin soaps
    8 guest size soaps in fun kid shapes.colors and scents
    surprise package

    Baby sleep sacks-3
    2 light blue and 1 light green(the picture looks yellow but it is green: no stains in wonderful condition

    I have a girl set also 2 pink and 1 white with flowers.


    4 drawer /closet fresheners-handmade with woven fabric.One each -stuffed with lavender,rose,mint and a wonderful cinnamon scent.
    Organic cloth diaper in medium or large you help choose print

    6 - 2 layer wash clothes -6x6 I used these for the car for sticky hands and as face clothes in the house.You choose fabric layers-flannel,terry,hemp fleece,cotton fleece

    4 handmade origami heart cards - all different cards

    Avon trinket box-the top lifts up-I believe it is porcelain

    Nursing Necklace
    Smooth jade colored stone with a little pink pegnant lady on top.she can be removed,silk cord
    I wore this just because it is so pretty

    This cute little guy should fit in a FRB(just kiddinMedium set of skirts

    Eucalan wool wash and wool wash bars-samples.I did not make the bars of wool wash-large bag full.Great for your delicates and wool diaper covers

    mint,rose and lavender buds-smaller bag of each.dried

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  1. Penny Hen
    It's a good thing you are not close by. That little Goatie would just tempt me too much!
  2. All-American-Chick
    i bought eggs from chicken scratch poultry and some chicks from randys ranch but they are no longer around.
  3. All-American-Chick
    Well they are not available at this time.I swapped out the rooster and the new one is still to young for his lady friends.im so sorry.
    He is almost there and ive been thinking it is about time to try.last time they trampled him.have some buff brahmas ready to go soon too.they are so pretty
  4. Feike
    Where and how did you get your Wellie's....am interested in some eggs but not untill the beginning of next year....hope you'll have some to swap them next year....I hope to have Copper Maran's or Olive eggers to swap by then...
  5. wlrabbitry
    I am interested in Wellie eggs. can swap you for Black Ameracauna eggs. They are purebred show stock Ameracaunas.
  6. All-American-Chick
    anderson85052/19/12 at 4:09pmFlagAaaaaaaaaaaaack! I still love that little goat, never remove his pic!
    sorry anderson just saw this post.I got a new one that is so cute that i want to enlarge and frame.
  7. All-American-Chick
    thank you.he is a good boy.just dont mess with anything in his pen while the girls are in there.he is very protective of them.
  8. Feike
    love the swapping idea....your Wellie Roo looks great btw...
  9. anderson8505
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaack! I still love that little goat, never remove his pic!
  10. All-American-Chick
    tehehehe he is a cutie,have more coming first week of march
  11. maybejoey
    How much is shipping on goat??? :)
  12. All-American-Chick
    oh cant wait for those buff brahmas to hatch hot2pot
  13. Hot2Pot
    Mine on the goat :-D

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