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By Hot2Pot · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Hot2Pot
    Books, choose one
    *Southern Living Big Book of Flower Gardening, hardcover, excellent condition , 288 pages with lots of pictures. "The best plans, ideas, tools and embellishments for your flower garden"
    *The Quest by Wilbur Smith paperback, but large, 504 pages by one of my favorite authors.
    OR Hatching eggs, 6+ all purebred you can choose a mixture or have all the same breed
    * Rhode Island Reds. . .
    *Buff Orpingtons. . . . . . * Production Reds * Black Australorps
    *Mystery eggs : my choice of what is laying you could get any pure breed eggs I have, see my byc page.
    OR 12 Blown eggs, I am still new at this so they are not perfect, but I am trying hard! Brown eggs, small hole in each end.
    OR Manilla envelope of feathers. I can do chicken feathers and/or guinea feathers from my friend. I do not wash them, but pick only relatively clean ones.
    OR 6 assorted empty plastic feed bags
    OR a pair of irridescent ceramic duck statues

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