202roosterlane owes me NHs and BOs in Spring ..9-1-2012 claimed RECIEVED

Corancher owes me 12+ lav orps in spring 2013 From side swap from jams and raspberry starts RECIEVED
Owes me 6+ cream legbars in Spring from swap on 10-14-12 RECIEVED
Owes me SOMETHING in Spring from swap on 11/3/2012 RECIEVED

Braclin owes me lav orps in Spring claimed 9/29/12 RECIEVED

MrHeinz77 owes me splash cochin chicks!!! LOLOLOL ( BBS cochin eggs) claimed on 10/20/12 for Spring 2013

Crfarm 6+ splash marans in Spring swap # 3623 11-20-2012 RECEIVED
4353 lav maran project eggs claimed 12/2/12 for spring!! RECEIVED
3989 Birchen marans for Spring RECEIVED
4383 more lav marans for Spring claimed 12/2/12 RECEIVED
8026 lav marans for Spring claimed 12/31/12 RECEIVED

DMRIPPY 5600 owes me eggs in spring prefer ameraucanas;) claimed 12/22/12 RECEIVED
5676 owes me more eggs in spring ameraucanas claimed 12/23/12 RECEIVED

Pappa brooder 5606 owes me sexable eggs ++ in spring claimed 12/22/12 RECEIVED

Madamwlf 7751 something in Spring! Claimed 12/29/12 RECEIVED
2674 something Spring claimed 1/30/13 RECEIVED
3813 something in Spring claimed 2-13-13 RECEIVED


Mstricer owes me Lav Am eggs Spring 2013 claimed on 10/20/12

CJwaldon owes me cream crested legbars in Spring 2013 claimed 10/20/12 RECEIVED

Chicken fever owes me isbars for Spring 2013 claimed 10/29/12

ShellyGA owes me a Double order of BOs from swapping double order of white ameracaunas for Spring shipping 2013

Craftylady owes me lemon cuckoo orps in Spring..2013 9-16-2012 claimed
Owes white orps in Spring Claimed 9/29/2012 ] rhodebars instead RECEIVED
Owes me Golden cuckoo marans in Spring 2013 -claimed 11/13/12 RECEIVED
Owes me something in Spring 2013 -Claimed on 11/14/2013
Crazypetlady owes me 8+ olansk dwarf eggs in Spring 2013- claimed 9/25/2012 turned into CCL chicks RECEIVED
Owes me double order of millie fluers from side swap and wygs thread 10/14/2012 turned into CCL chicks RECEIVED
Owes me CHOCO ORPS in Spring again ;) post 10951 claimed 12/1/2012
# 3642 autosexers in Spring claimed 11-20-12
#3930 Rhodebars in Spring claimed 11-25-12
Owes me LF CHOCO ORPS in Spring claimed 11-28-12
5254 owes me lf chico orps and something else to make up order;) claimed 12-16-12
5666 owes me special orps in Spring claimed 12-23-12
6813 owes me white breese!!!! Claimed 12/25/12
6984 breese for spring claimed 12/26/12
6986 BREESE for Spring Claimed 12/26/12
7538 lf choco orps in spring claimed 12/28/12
7597 chicks in Spring surprise claimed 12/28/12
4206-4211-4212 all breese in spring claimed 2/18/13