THINGS I WANT for side trades

12v solar panels

Trades i owe

Trades owed to me

My offerings for swap or trade (choose one)

Salamander 150 watt Reptile infrared heating element
plugs into standard light socket

Smartphone hard plastic cover

Smartphone keyboard

Flood Lights(used) choose 2
Clear are 45 watts, Green are 125 watts and Red is 50? watts.

I have 2 green, 2 clear, and one red

250 watt heat lamp only used 2 days, too hot for my setup

Knives (choose 2)

12v air toy filler

Candle holders
Rose on top of butterfly candle is chipped

Choose one large item in the picture
set of 4 cups (not availible, already claimed)
straw dispenser
hot/cold cup
choose 2 smaller items
2 toy cars, drink coasters, bottle opener, keychain, tin can

6-24 volt Trailer Light hookup

One water fogger unit and 2 stainless steel nipple waters that come apart for cleaning (one waterer used)

New in box Lego Drome PC racing game.
Will work on any windows pc 6 years old to current date.

Lighthouse placesettings (set of 4)
one has 3-4 stains another one has 2 stains. you may be able to bleach them out.

Foot and shoe care products
sole inserts(large), shoe cleaning kit, bottles of shoe polish, heel cups

wooden keyholder

calculator (needs new batteries)

Red swan glass

A round dog or chicken treat ball toy

Inflatable neck rest (used, but washed)

3 sing along tapes (cassette tapes)

Choose 2 of the following items

2 organizers (needs new batteries)

Teaspoon measuring tool

2 pair cotton gloves med/large sized

Cheerleader bracelet
This item needs cleaning and has been heavily worn.

3 boxes of standard staples

2 waterproof containers

2 Titanic shirt pens

Talking pedometer (needs new batteries)

Shells for fish tank or craft

2 sata harddrive cables

VGA monitor cable

pci-e adapter cable

End of choose 2