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*Mix Hosta seeds. These will be seeds collected from my Hostas for you to try growing your very own Hostas. Hostas do not breed true and take at least 5 years to mature. Seeds will come from various size and color plants. There is a slight chance there may be streaked seed in the mix. Using a streaked pod parent is the only way to develop a streaked and/or variegated. I will send directions on seed starting.

* 6 Nutrena Feed bags. (All Stock, All Flock (purple), Meat bird (orange), Horse, cracked corn, and maybe rabbit)

* Hosta Tambourine

*Hosta Little Red Rooster

*6 + Mix and match Eggs


BBS Cochin​
Heritage RIR​
Black Langshan​
Blue/Black Ameraucana​
Olive Eggers covered by Welsummer or Black Ameraucana​
F1 EE/OE (these are bantams)​
Iowa Blue​
Cuckoo Marans​
Crested/noncrested duck eggs​
Coturnix Eggs​
Light Partridge Sizzle (non silkied but frizzled carrying the silkie gene) covered by White Silkie​
Small NN covered by Blue Silkie​
Bantam Langshan (molting)​
Golden Laced Polish (stingy layer)​
I also have my layer pen that produces some NN but some really pretty boys (I think Crele pattern) and some JG x Wellie in with New Hampshire and Black Ameraucana
The ducks​
The ducks are laying again!
Looking For: Eggs (Turkey, African Goose, Peafowl, Silkie, Sizzle, MF Leghorn, Jersey Giants, BLRW, SFH, non Pearl Gray Guinea, Serama, Most anything :lau Just ask)​
Pay Pal​
Cayuga Duck
Something I can gift to somebody​
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