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Swap Page 16

  1. ChickyChickyBaby
    We have indoor dogs & a smoker.

    • Choose a cookbook:
    • ----- Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor (paperback)
    • ------ The Lady & Sons, too by Paula Deen (spiral paperback)
    • Cross stitch set #1 ~ 6 Stitch a Card kits: 1 Mom, 3 Sister, 1 Love, 1 with a cat


    • Cross stitch set #2 ~ Cat Christmas Stocking Kits

    • Cross stitch set #3 ~ these 6 kits -

    • This set of pillows ~ gold with red, darker gold, purple.
    • The size of each pillow is about 16"x16". They are currently polyfilled.
    They close with a zipper so polyfill can be removed if you wish.
    Let me know if you want shipped stuffed or not.

    • Various laces pictured & in lengths shown (to be added later)

    • Various fabrics as pictured & in lengths shown (to be added later)


    Special Swap Items

    • These candle making supplies (to be added later)

    • This set of pewter and glass wine glasses ~ marked for decorative use only.
    I think were handmade. Not sure on that though.
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    Side View

    Back View

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