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  1. innerwolfbatikranch
    Welcome to my swap page!
    Please feel free to ask about combining offers. I hate to stall the thread!!


    Leather hair clip

    12oz of raffia (can do more, let me know what you need)


    $12.50 off anything in my etsy shop: www.innerwolfbatik.etsy.com

    For "premium" side swaps check out my etsy shop: www.innerwolfbatik.etsy.com
    Lav silkie/showgirl eggs
    Bantam mottled cochins eggs
    Actually- any interesting breed:)
    Home made items for holiday gifts
    Books on goats, home dairying, soap making, homesteading, gardening
    Soap making supplies
    Bees wax
    Hardy perennials, especially hostas

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