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By melissaG · Apr 18, 2013 · Updated Jun 7, 2013 ·
  1. melissaG
    Things I have to swap, if you think I have something you'd like I'm not thinking of adding, just ask! [​IMG]

    UPDATED June 5th, New pics (listed new things and tagged some sold&pending)


    Ukouski the Russian Orloff hen. She, a golden Cochin and several cross bred production hens are for sale. $15 ea. 3 BLRW hens $20 ea. firm.
    Excellent layers, all!
    I need the space and extra funds for some chicks I found for my daughter.
    I'll also have some cochin chicks soon, parents arent quite show quality imo but lovely and doing quite well laying.


    Minnie, below is also for sale. She's a Leghorn

    I currently have a bunch of perennials (I'll post some pics later) I need to dig up and separated once they're about done for the season.

    also going to have a ton of these in white. Mini Me highly recommends them [​IMG]

    also some daffodils,

    stars of Bethlehem. Lots in my lawn, just say please [​IMG]

    Few misc things that need to get moved out of my barn. Milking can, I'm in the middle of searching for it's lid..
    Large animal clippers, broken armature so buy it for parts? $50
    2 Kids bikes, $20 ea.
    Couple of goat show chains.. I'll grab some pics of them later

    at least 1 young RIR roo from my daughters cackle hatchery group. almost 6 weeks old atm (April 25th)
    fertilized duck eggs, Cayuga, and Swedish. Dang kids won't behave themselves, I tells ya[​IMG] So, you may get some straight Cayuga, or a cross.

    6 yr old Dorset ewe and 5 yr old Dorset/suffolk cross ewe. Neither have been bred due to horrible luck in breeding dates with clean rams. (floodings, etc )

    I'll be stockpiling some feedbags if anyone's going to want some. (7 so far, Layena, scratch, chick starter)


    12 Year old Reg Black Arabian Stallion. $1500 obo, (would be more than willing to trade for a well bred English Springer, English parti cocker, Blood Hound, or Basset Hound)
    23 yr old Grey arabian mare. Honest and still sound or can be a companion/lawnmower $200 obo SOLD[​IMG]
    21 yr old Reg. Part bred Arabian Gelding, the one running behind in the photo. $200 obo
    Some firewood. Better be some good chickens in it for me though [​IMG]

    I'll be set up to send some production hen hatching eggs sometime shortly, would love to swap .

    Good Western Saddle Arab tree

    Salmon Favorelles
    French Black Copper Marans, eggs or 1 day olds
    Self Blue (ie lavender? depending on who you talk with XD) Old English game bantam
    True Ameracauna
    White Laced Red Cornish (poor Poundcake's lonely! )[​IMG]
    Birchen Cochin Bantams

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