Welcome to Zephyr Farm's Swap Page!
We have quite a few things to trade! PM us if you are intersted in trading! Everything only has 3 weeks on this swap page!
Stuff We Have to Trade
3 Kids Wildlife DVD's. Excellent used condition. The Puppy Dogs, The Kit Kats, and the Teddy Bears. Must go in a set.
2 Kids DVD's. The Last Unicorn, and Lost in the Woods, a wildlife story. Both are in excellent used condition.
3 Boys Videos. Casper's Haunted Christmas, Best of Thomas (the train), The Rugrats Movie.
2 Girls Videos. Bratz Starrin and Stylin, and Strawberry Shortcake Adventures on Ice Cream Island.
One puppy with duckling figurine, no chips.
Ballet Shoe necklace
Hello Kitty Mini Notebook with four erasers (Black cat, rainbow heart, rainbow flower, and reindeer)
Jewelry set. 4 bracelets with a fish necklace
Mini Composition Notebook with 'text talk' on the cover.
Gift Card Holder, with a snowy barn on it.
A box of 4 small floating leaf candles

Stuff We Would Like
Rabbit Water Bottles, good used conditon OK.
Small J-Feeders for Netherland Dwarfs,good used condition OK
Vegetable Seeds
Goat/Dog leashes
Any chicken supplies

Please PM us with pictures of the item you would like to trade, along with which item you want. If you would like a picture of the item you want, please include your email address because our computer won't let us upload them here. Thank You!

~Zephyr Farms