The Goldens

Lee, Tabitha, & Max ♥
*along with Lily-dog & Rhodie, Pilgrim, & Dominic*
New additions: Indian, Roxie, & TreeLog (can you tell my son named them)
Max with Rhodie
Pilgrim &
These pics were taken when the chickens were 13 weeks (Sept 1, 2010). Rhodie is a Rhode Island Red and Pilgrim & Dominic are Barred Rocks. We are pretty sure Rhodie & Pilgrim are roosters leaving us one little hen Dom so we need another hen or two and ended up with two more hens: Rhode Island Red Indian, Barred Rock Roxie, and a New Hampshire Red rooster TreeLog bc he was so cute! They love cherry tomatoes, grapes, and corn cobs, along with hot dogs, biscuits, and waffles. We are really enjoying having these guys in our backyard and hope that they are happy too. They are super social and love to be around each other and they come running when we go outside to see what we're doing. So far they're sweet and friendly and don't like our Rat-Terrier Lily. They will sneak up and peck her in the hiney to make her run to the door yelping. Poor Lily....
Thanks so much for this forum and this website! I have learned alot and continue to learn.