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My name is Stella and I'm in charge of 1 son 1 husband, 4 cats and 9 chickens and my 2 road runners (they show up when they are hungry) I had chickens when i was young and loved them . my mother however didn't share my "chicken joy". I think the final straw for her was when she had to endure a car trip from Mississippi back to Texas with an 8yr old and a chicken in a box! Now that I'm grown and back in the country, I decided that it was time for my own son to have his turn at raising chickens. A neighbor of mine gave me a Hen and two little chicks and we just loved them, but trouble soon followed. A bob cat got the hen and on of the babies and I awoke to one lone baby crying for it's mama up in a tree. So we took the little guy and raised him all winter and added 2 more young ones to keep him company and in the spring my same neighbor showed up one day with an incubator and 36 eggs. My son and I had the best time hatching chicks! Some of the eggs had gotten chilled so we ended up with about 15 hatchable eggs. Boy what a lesson! We had it all happen....Some hatched to early, some had spraddle leg, some were so big that they couldn't get out and had to be helped. In the end we had 6 living babies. They are about 20 weeks now and I'm anxious for the two little hens to start laying.( 2 hens out of the whole bunch!) I'll be adding more hens in the spring and we hope to get a good mamma that wants to brood her own babies. In the mean time we will just enjoy the comic relief they all supply us with on a daily basis. RoosterCogburn.gif