My Name is Tammy Surgi and I am the co-owner of Easy-Garden.
I am not only am the co-owner of the company but I have also raised poultry for meat and eggs for many years. Please check out our web site for more information and take a look at our newest product the Small Yard Shelter which is the perfect size for raising a small flock of chickens whether you are in the subburbs or an urban city.

Currently we are running a special on Model #P551H with a door. This Small Yard shelter has 2 nest boxes, a feeder, and a door for letting the chickens out during the day and back in the shelter at night for protection.
MSRP $1148.61 Sale Price $976.00 (Includes freight in Continental US)

Please see the video on our page titled Small Yard Shelter for information on assembly and other tips.
Hope to hear from you and please check back with me often.