New mother to four fluffy girls, Marigold, Bluebird, Thelma & Louise :)

Thelma & Louise

Thank you Marigold (greenish eggs) & BlueBird (blueish eggs)

The girls enjoy their first pan of warm oatmeal on a chilly October day! They loved it :)

down after taking a step or two. Gaping her mouth open every 10 seconds or so... It's making this chicken mama sad. Here's a pic of her today in her quarantine box... it looks like she's standing on 1 leg like a flamingo, but she's actually laying down and it's outstretched in front of her. Thelma has been moved inside, in a box with hay, fresh layer crumbles & water. She's showing signs of severe illness. "Drunk" walking, falling This all has happened, so fast over the last 3 days (today is 11/5/10).