Experienced home butcher in Raleigh NC with lots of spiffy tools available to help and educate folks wanting to learn how to do their own animals. I have assorted tools that make a (large animal) butchering go a lot quicker, just because I do it often enough to have made the investment worthwhile. Supermarket meat sucks, so I like to make friends with small farmers and buy what they produce. I don't have a motorized plucker yet, but I'm starting to eye them with interest as I'm doing enough birds these days to make it worthwhile. Anybody local interested in splitting for one?

I work on trade only, no money. If you want to learn, come and get your hands dirty when I'm plucking or processing. If you want me to come and help with a critter, we'll figure out what each of us will have invested in it at the end in terms of money and labor and share meat. Also open to trades of my work, tools and skills for your reasonably local farm space to raise or fatten animals for me.

I live downtown, so I can process just about anything short of a steer on my own premises, I just can't raise or keep any animals. If it's a meat or game animal, including most of the exotics, I probably know how to process it into optimal cuts for cooking and the best way to cook those cuts.

Drop me a note if you're a local and want to say howdy. I'm also involved with planning some not for profit community education workshops on home butchering and home tanning, so if you're up for that, you can find the Triangle Area Homesteaders on Meetup.com and get involved.

Best way to reach me is in email, snakegetters at usa net.