Tarheel Hens

By CHICKENLOVE101 · Oct 22, 2012 · Updated Oct 23, 2012 ·
    Tarheel Hens
    A funny story...
    I got my chickens (a few of wich have passed, RIP) at the age 6. Then I realized after I purchased them that two of each of them where very simmilar. So the two that where the same breed each got the same name (clever for a 6 year old, hu?). So take notice of that as you look at my flock :)

    Raccon: These are two of my three oldest hens. The two are a brown, tan and black molted chicken. These hatchling sisters are certainly my flock leaders. When I brought my first six home they where the strongest, always running around & egging on the others.

    Star: A barred chicken, one of which has passed. She is still very strong even at the age 5. And I personally love her frame. She is a thin athletic shape with long healthy tail feathers and long bare legs. She is a black chicken with white speckles. She got her name because of the speckles, which look like stars.

    Sunny: Both of these hens have passed but I feel a special connection with them. One of the two was the first chicken I ever held. When they where mature they where a creamy white and had bare legs. I belive when I looked them up the two where leghorns...

    Honey: My first two Rhode Island Reds. As they where chicks they looked like honey, but now they look like ketchup... haha:). I will be honest we are not sure if they are both hens, dun,dun,dun...

    Onyx: Another barred like Star (see above). Her "sister", was actually a male, so.., I'll keep it as he did not stay with my family that long. She is more plump & short than Star also her speckles are bigger.

    Koda: Named after a horse in a "Horse Diaries" book I had read. According to the book the name meant friend in an indian language. This is a case where we had gotten four rhode island reds one spring, unlike when we normally get two of the same breed.

    Checkers: A white chicken with black splotches on her neck. Her sister passed the night we picked up the group we got that spring:(. She is quite aggresive, but listens to her elders (Raccon & Star).

    Heneryetta Quackers (aka Heneryetta) & Blondie (aka Fluffy): As you might guess Heneryetta was a duck. But this girl was brought up with chickens. One day we filled up a kiddie pool & put her in, she was terrified. I'll admit my sister, mom, and I laughed. When she was around she was definately the leader of the flock. Now Blondie (nick-named Fluffy by my friend) was a stout, little, plump rhode island red looking hen. At one point our chickens where pecking the eggs & dammaging them. She was smart and would sit on them untill we got them from the coop. Both of these guys we got off of my Grandparents farm.

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