Hi my name is Mindy and Hubby's name is Phillip we have been married for 4 yrs going on 5 July 23,2008 we have been a couple for 11 yrs now we have a blended family we have together 5 kids 1 daughter Sam that is going on 20 this year and 4 boys, Matt is 17,Sean is 15, Dakota (aka) DJ is 13 and last but not least is Chance and he just turned 7 this month.I am the animal lover in the family here so most if not all animals are mine. We have 3 mixed bbb oe x giant cochin hens ( all broody on duck eggs) 2 banty BBB OE roos and a bunch of young banty's that not sure of sexes yet.I have in the brooder now 10 NN and 25 Banty Araucana all from MM hatchery and now the rest of the animals are 3 nigerian dwarfs milk goats named Shady lady, Moca, and Kess , 2 chinese crested dogs 1 is a hairless male and the other is a powder puff female and 3 very lazy cats named Binks,wolfie,and girl.Well that is all for now.