I am a bible believing farmerette that runs a small wanna be not much money making farm type rig.
I breed, raise, buy, sell, and trade anything I can get my hands on.
I currently have: Bragg's Mountain Buffs, Black Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, Gold Comets, Buff Orpingtons, OEGB, and Game chickens.
I breed and sell rabbits also, right now I am mainly working with New Zealand Whites, Flemish Giants, and Holland Lops. I hope to add a few more breeds soon.
I have some pigeons as well, I am downsizing my loft right now, and I am down to: Racing Homers, Satinettes, and Birmingham Rollers. A total of about 40.
I also have a few pets, 3 large dogs, 1 puppy, 3 adult cats, 2 kittens, hermit crabs, and probably a few other things.
So what I basically just said was I have too many animals lol