Combest Chicken Ranch
San Angelo, Texas
Well, I guess I am a big time "chicken rancher" now since I have my own homepage on BYC's website.
I live in San Angelo, Texas. I am a 51 yrs old male and live with my 22 year old daughter in town. I have a 10 acre place 10 miles west of town where I have a small house and a few chicken coops. Thus ... the "Chicken Ranch".
I started out with a brown egg layer special from McMurray Hatchery in early 2008. I originally had 23 hens. I have culled that down to 6 hens now. My favorite out of all the brown egg layers is the Turken. She had a lot of health problems in the beginning and is the big survivor. She's not too pretty .... we call her Fugly.
I bought an incubator in Nov 2008 and as of Dec 12, 2008 I have 14 silkie eggs incubating, due Dec 21, 2008.
I also have two seramas. I bought a rooster and hen from a place near Austin Texas. I really like the seramas. They have their own little coop. The silkies will also have a special coop.
I also have two bronze breasted turkeys, a gobbler and hen. They live in the same coop with the brown egg layers. The gobbler is a lot of fun and chases my border collie all the time.
I enjoy woodwork and building things. I am working on some new plans for small, tractor chicken coops that are easy to build and hopefully cheap. I will have them on this website soon, assuming they turn out ok.
I welcome inquiries or emails. My name is Tymn (tim) and my email address is [email protected]
username: tcombest