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Tdms Member Page

By TDM · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. TDM
    These are pictures of the construction of a 8' x 16' mobile hen house built on an old hay wagon running gear.
    Step 1) Build a new 8' x 16' deck on the nrunning gear.

    Step 2) Add 44 1/2" high stud walls. This allows 2" overlap past the floor when you put on the 1/2" plywood siding.

    Step 3) Cap stud walls with 2" x 4"s. Add trusses made from 2" x 4" x 36" pieces cut at 22 1/2 degrees. Join with 6" x 12" gussets cut at 22 1/2 degrees.

    Step 4) Add 1/2" OSB for roof. Leave gaps for soffit and ridgevent. Put screen over soffit.

    Step 5) Frame out rear door.

    Step 6) Add 6" overhangs.

    Step 7) Add drip edge and rolled roofing with ridge vent. Cut out windows, add 1/2" harware cloth and trim. Make pop door. Paint.

    Step 8) Add 8' ramp.

    Step 9) Backside.

    Step 10) In production.

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  1. sheherazae
    I love these and am getting ready to make one. Can you tell me how many hens you have in each? Also, what kind of fencing are you using? Do you have any pictures of inside/layout?

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