I started out only wanting a few hens for eggs. I have sold a few, and bought a few more. I now have 8 laying hens, 1 rooster, 8 BLRW chicks, 2 JG mix chicks, 2 coops and an addiction.
Coop Number 1

4 x 8 coop with a 12 x 8 run. 8 hens and rooster stay in here for now. This was my first coop. it is not square or level, probably has allot of flaws,
but the hens do not mind and the eggs keep coming.

Front of coop and run

Rooster, Jersey Giant hens and SLW in run

This is my new coop. I picked it up free as coop only. I added a new extended roof, roosts, pop door, ramp and run. All for my new BLRWs and 2 JG mixes.


The good thing is, all of the lumber I used for the run was free, all I bought was the wire. I still have a few things to do to finish up.