this will be the most best page you ever saw!

oh yeah, if your hungry, there are some chips under your bed...

XD just kidding, so sit down, and look at this page...

SIMON DIDN'T SAY TO! XD too bad! you lose! :p

things you HAVE TO DO!

1. go to an ATM, and when money comes out... scream I WON!!!
2. go into a parking lot wearing sunglasses and point a hairdryer at people, see if they slow down
3. Pretend to be a manican in a store, and when someone comes by, look at your watch and say, " wow, my shift is over, they don't pay me enough to do this... ", and see if the person gives you a weird look...

more will be added to the list!

Even though you can't see him, God is there for you

When Jesus died on the cross, he thought of you, if you agree, put this on YOUR page...

i'm fun, and a good friend! if i was a chicken, i'd be a golden pheonix rooster that is dominant, big, and handsome...
i have a 1 bro and 1 sis... REALLY TROUBLESOME!
my fav. animals are bears, humans [ duh ], and of course, chickens!
im a crazy cockeral of BYC! the cheerful cockeral!
i like hunting, fishing, and most of all, chicken raising!
these describe me:
1. a good friend
2. sometimes mean, sometimes friendly
3. really funny!

if you don't agree to the 3 things above this, you need to learn more about me!

here are some ideas for signatures! [ take them if you want ]

Devils are like 500 year old coconuts, hard on the outside, nothing on the inside!
If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
If life gives you dirt make mud pies.
Chickens resemble Oranges, soft of the outside, edible on the inside!
hahaha! these gave me a good laugh!

my top fifteen Fav. threads

15. yes or no! by duramaxgirl! sweet!
14. the random word game, by horses 77! perfect!
13. the guess my google game! by laree PQG! fantastic!
12. dragoncave chat page, by missouri chicken mama! excellent!
11. yum or yuck, by sassymygirl! really cool!
10. the food fight by chicken buddy! nice thread!
9. rate the avatar of the person above you, by brooster, congratulations!
8. rate the siggy of the person above you, by bellislamo! yay!
7. the official poultryland thread 2! by kooshie! woohoo!
6. rate the username of the person above you, by chickencharmer! good job!
5. the 101 uses game! by purplechicken! nice one!
4. the crazy pullets of BYC! by horses77 and the pullets! really nice!
3. The crazy Cockerals of BYC! by michealmay and the cockerals! go cockerals!
2. Any of my threads... LOL
and now, the one, the only, NUMBER ONE!!!!!
+ ` ~ * 1. * ~ ` + the one, the only, THE OFFICIAL SPACE TRAVEL ROLEPLAY THREAD! BY KOOSHIE!!! the best thread i know!!!
congrats to kooshie and everyone elses threads on the list!
1. go to Georgia Aquarium
2. not be a jerk
3. make more friends
4. go hunting wtih my dad
5. get smarter

ill update more if there is anything else! :D