This is Eric, our 3 month old Chicken. He was on his way to be food until something special caught my eye. I was watering some vegetables in the garden about a month ago, when, my neighbor commented that a chicken was following me around. I turned back to see Eric walking behind me. I tried to chase him away but he didn't flinch.
Well, I left it at that. Until 15 minutes later, while I was feeding the week old chicks, he came and stood by me. I was quite astonished when I took some feed in my hand and gave it to him, he ate from out of my hand! Yes! I couldn't believe it! I told my wife and she was saying not a chance that would happen. But she tried and lo and behold! Eric ate out of her hand too.

Now ever since then, Eric is always first up to see me come when it's feeding time. He still follows me around, but I don't think that taking him to town will be quite a good idea.... YET!
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