I am new to the Back Yard Chicken family... My husband and I recently decided to raise Silkies so here is our story and some pictures... We moved to Old Town Katy, Texas in June of 07 from the sunshine state of Florida... Living in a condo on the white beaches of the west coast was a paradise but everyone's paradise is different... being a native Texan, I always wanted to have some land so I could have animals... I have always loved chickens so my goal was to someday have enough land to raise them not only for pets but to also benefit from having fresh eggs... Well, thanks to the good Lord, my husband got a great job offer last May and that is when my dreams started coming true... We were blessed with a great house in Old Town Katy on almost an acre of land and that was all I needed to get started... When we arrived to our new home we brought with us 4 cats and a red foot tortoise... right away we built a nice outdoor enclosure for "Curly", the tortoise, but I still had the longing for chickens, so, in May of 08, we began our plans for the coop... and here it is... Welcome to "Coop DeVille"...
This is definately the cadillac of chicken coops... here are more pictures... DSC00293.jpg
Now, believe it or not, this used to be the tortoise enclosure... we decided to rehome the tortoise and start our chicken adventure, which is much more exciting to say the least!!!!... DSC00284.jpg
Here are the cute little things... we have 2 black silkies, 2 white silkies, and 2 black & tan japanese bantams... DSC00285.jpg
They are all a little over 3 weeks old now and they are growing like weeks... i will have to post more pictures as they grow... the last pictures here shows the inside of their coop... its a two-story mansion as far as I'm concerned... also, my husband is an electronic engineer so he rigged up a led solor lite for them so they have a nite light... isn't that special!!!... DSC00301.jpg
Well, that's all I have for now... I will try to post more pictures as the little chicks grow.
Thanks for visiting "Coop DeVille".