[FONT=verdana,geneva]Hi everyone, I'm Jocelyn aka JP. I'm an artist/crafter and a chicken lover. I wanted to share with you all my birds and breeding plans. When I get things going I will ship eggs. At this time I have 4 Delawares, 2 young roosters and 2 pullets. I will be breeding them, and adding more to my flock in the coming year. I find them to be a very large and friendly breed. I also have an EE or EE mix named Mother Hen {the name says it all} and 4 Rhode Island Red pullets. For now they are in an 8x8 play house coop, with a 5x14 run. Each Delaware pair will be move to a hoop coop once I get it built. The laying flock will stay in the 8x8, and maybe a larger run. I do not plan on haveing a battor, but getting silkies and letting broody mama's do all that for me. I'm even thinking of crossing them with larger birds so they can cover more eggs.[/FONT]
Merry Christmas to Me I think I will be getting some chicks as a Christmas gift to my self. I'll get EEs, Slikies, and a few Chochin bantams.
Spring Chickens In the spring I will be adding more birds. As some of you may know I have a love for Sebrights, my first rooster was a Golden Sebright named Red. Some time this spring I will be getting Golden and Silver, I'm still thinking one Buff. As I was makeing breeding plans I realised I would like to have other colors, like red laced blue for starters. After asking around on the BYC I found out the best way to get thoughs colors was to cross Goldens with Red Blue OEGBs, and Silver with Blue Silver Duckwing OEGBs. So I will be adding a few of each color to my breeding flock.
I also have a love for American Games, both the big guys, and the bantams. I don't know when I will be getting some of these guys, but I hope I have at least a trio within a year. I'm always looking to learn more about the Games.
Wanted List! Heritage Delawares, Silkies, Sebrights, Blue Red OEGBs, Blue Silver OEGBs, SQ Crele and Brassy Back OEGBs. Partridge, Buff Cochin Bantams. Also Bantam Long Tails.
Here are a few of my birds.