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The Angry Hen's Simple Egg Salad!

I enjoy it in the summer, on two pieces of white bread with a can of coke-a-cola! And that's my summer, quick lunch. Egg salad sandwich! -The...
  1. The Angry Hen
    The Angry Hen's Simple Egg Salad


    6 Fresh Farm Eggs,

    Mayo and Salt!


    Put the 6 Farm Fresh Eggs into water that just about covers them.

    Boil the six Fresh Farm eggs medium to high heat, prob on 4.

    Shut off burner with the lid on it. Push it to a cold burner and not by heat for 10 to 12 minutes.
    Place the eggs into a strainer and run cold water over them.

    Gently peel the shell off each egg and dice, small but not tiny! Put into a bowl with Mayo and Salt (amount per taste.) Stick in fridge until ready. Enjoy!

    -The Angry Hen

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    About Author

    The Angry Hen
    When and if you fall, you learn how to catch yourself. When and if you break, you learn how to heal yourself. Whenever you give up, you lose. When you don't give up, you learn to win. When you learn, you learn for life.

    You have to learn to live!
    So; Keep on Learning!

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  1. TheCuteOrpington
    @Flufferes is sure to give you a lifetime supply of mayo!
    So I don't need to worry about that! :D
      The Angry Hen likes this.
    1. The Angry Hen
      Ha ha! Yes, lol!
  2. sassysarah123
    Nice! Sounds GREAT!
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    1. The Angry Hen
      Thanks Sarah!! :hugs
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    2. sassysarah123
      You are welcome!
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    3. The Angry Hen
  3. Kusanar
    When we made it at home we always added a little sweet relish, but otherwise it was the same.
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    1. The Angry Hen
  4. getaclue
    That's how I do it for sandwiches.
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    1. The Angry Hen

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