The Big Wild World

  1. mr cockadoodledoo
    born in an incubator, there mother was a red hot glowing thing who never left them and there farther who was a fan heater. my 5 chickens were born in a school in the science lab incubator. my great science teacher knew that I had land and a coop but not any chickens. I watched them hatch out of there eggs from the incubator 5/6 eggs hatched. 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5. all there world was to them was in a small box. One day there mother (the heat lamp left them) and there farther (the fan heater) could not be heard. suddenly all was dark the ground was moving and it felt as if they were being lifted into the air. it seemed like ages untill there was a big thump every thing was silent. suddenly there wall was falling and there world was tipped on to its side it was cold. day light came and there was the world had grown (to them there world was a box they had never seen the outdoors , all there food was chick crumbs and water. days went buy as more of there feathers grew. one bright day banging was heard outside the box which was now a stable. it went one for quite a while . suddenly rumbling came from a black rectangle on the wall and then it opened and there was such a bright light. drumstick the oldest and bravest of them all slowly tip towed towards the great light the rest slowly followed to the door. drum stick was just staring and then did all of the rest. what was this damp green hair on the ground? what were those great brown monsters with crazy green heads that danced in a cold breeze. as the '' gang '' took there first steps onto grass. it was so tempting to peck at one of the ''green hairs '' (grass) one taste and they were eating away at the stuff with out realising they moved away from the box untill suddenly the green hair stopped. A rough hard thing held itself in to the ground and it was large and cylinder shaped they looked up the monster with crazy green a head ( A tree) roared and moved side to side. all five chickens ran . where was the box (stable) they climbed over a big hill. (tiny for us mazzive for them) And they all gazed eyes on a something that they had never seen before. lush green grass (hair in there case) giant monsters and great big water bowl (a pond ) and so they. that night they all grouded together in there tiny box which was tipped on its side in the stable. the black door shut and the hole in the roof (a window) started to grow darker all five huddled up together and fell asleep.all of them dreamed about there first day in the big wild world.

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  1. mr cockadoodledoo
    there doing great turned out 2 roosters and two pullets they have all got there feathers now and are living in ' the big wild world ' with 7 ducks 2 turkeys and thirteen more chickens one of the roosters is even show quality and will be going to his first show this year the other gets to stay at home with the hens and chill all his life. have you ever thought if you were a rooster would you like to travel around the shows or stay with the hens and chill.
  2. itsmechrissy
    Cute story :) Do tell, how are the chicks doing now?

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