The Buff Brahma Bunch

By XxCobaltxX · Aug 4, 2015 · Updated Oct 12, 2015 · ·
  1. XxCobaltxX
    This is my small flock!

    • Breed: Buff Brahma
    • Why did I choose this breed?: My parents and I chose the Buff Brahma because they're commonly called "Gentle Giants" and we wanted something that would be docile enough to let us hold them.
    • Age: They're all about 1.5-2 years old
    • Where you got them: Good ole' Tractor Supply
    • Favorite treats: They LOVE birdseed and corn.
    • Funny stories: One of the hens, Dandy, loves to perch on top of anything she can. She flies onto tables, benches, everything! :D When one of my roos, Joker, was a chick, he would sleep in my dad's hand as if he were in a nest.
    • What I love most: I love my flock because they all have their own personalities! I can tell them all apart just by the tone of the noises they make!


    Roo the Rooster
    [​IMG]R.I.P Roo

    Joker the Rooster (Passed away)
    [​IMG]R.I.P Joker

    Dandy the Hen (Now part of a new flock!)

    Roxie the Hen (Now part of a new flock)

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  1. XxCobaltxX
  2. XxCobaltxX
    R.I.P Joker :( He passed away about a month ago.
    Dandy and Roxie have joined a new flock! :)
  3. XxCobaltxX
    Thanks bunches! I just got new pictures of my hens and I'll post them soon.
  4. SouthGaRoo
    Those are some good looking Brahmas ! . Look forward to seeing more pics of them.

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