The Chicken Adventure
In April of 2008, we embarked on a new family adventure. We ordered day-old chicks from Ideal Poultry. Being completely new to the chicken keeping community, we were lucky to choose some breeds that meet our needs and expectations for laying hens. We wanted a variety of breeds in our flock, as well as some variation in our egg selection. We chose 6 white egg layers and 8 brown egg layers, all standard size hens:
  • 3 Danish Brown Leghorns
  • 3 Exchequer Leghorns
  • 2 Buff Cochin
  • 2 Red Cochin
  • 2 Buff Brahma
  • 2 Dark Brahma

Since all of our family members and several friends enjoy our eggs, we decided to diversify our flocks & egg colors even more! In 2009, we added pure Ameraucana from the Cree line, some French Black Copper Marans from the Wade/Kelvin Jeane line, and a couple Buff Orpington. Last year, 2010, we hatched out more Ameraucana and some Olive-eggers (crossed from the Ameraucana and Marans). In 2011, we hatched more Ameraucana & OEs, and added a Light Brahma chick and a few Blue-laced Red Wyandotte chicks. In 2012, we received more pure Ameraucana from Paul Smith (wheatens, splash & black) and more BLRWs + a few misc breeds. In 2013, we have added more SLWs pullets, Spangled Russian Orloff pullets, and hatched out some wheaten, splash, & blue Ameraucana; some OliveEggers & EasterEggers; and added a few misc breeds.
As of 2013, in addition to most of our original 14 chicks from '08, we now have the following breeds in our flocks:

  • Hens: Delawares, Light Brahma, Speckled Sussex (laying flock & for EE's)
  • pure Ameraucana: Wheaten & BBS
  • Marans: Blue & Black Copper, White, Splash, & Golden Cuckoo
  • Hybrids: OliveEggers & EasterEggers
  • Wyandottes: splash BLRW, SLW, GLW & starting a project in the fall
  • Exchequer Leghorn roo to start breeding in the fall
  • Spangled Russian Orloff pullets

Wow! Once you're bitten by the chicken-bug, there's no stopping it!

New for us in 2011! We placed another order with Ideal Poultry, and we just received our 5 Cayuga ducklings (1 male, 4 female), 5 Rouen ducklings (1 male, 4 female), and a pair of Tufted Roman goslings.
As of 2013, we have added some Cayuga & Blue Swedish, as well as an American Buff gosling.

Visit our website for more photos and info: Mo's Mini Farm