The Chicken Chapel

By cowtown chick · Jun 3, 2013 · Updated Jul 6, 2013 · ·
  1. cowtown chick
    The Chicken Chapel was made from wooden pallets, pvc pipe and a tarp. We first made the fence by screwing wooden pallets together. We screwed brackets on the side to hold the pvc pipe in place. The nesting box was built from ply wood and 2 x 4;s, The back of the box opens from the top to retrieve the eggs above the plastic stacking bens for the nesting beds. I framed an old screen door found at a garage sale to the front pallets. Chicken wire was attached completely around the coop by hammering net staples into the pallets. A large tarp was draped and attached with zip ties and bungy cords. I have bamboo perches throughout the coop. I kept approx one foot of wire on the ground surrounding the coop. We put small river rock on top of the extra chicken wire to help prevent "critters" from digging around the coop. I made home made feeder and waterer with 5 gallon buckets and a farming pan. I placed the feeder and waterer on top of a pallet inside the coop with hardware cloth stapled on it. This has kept dirt and debris from getting into the feeders and the chickens have plenty of room to feed.


    I cut some of the wood from other pallets with a sawzall, cut them to size to secure the front of coop.

    the pvc slips into the brackets and then tightened to secure.
    [​IMG]Home made waterer and feeder with 5 gallon buckets and pan

    [​IMG]This is the opening door for the nesting boxes. I Plan on painting the box to protect from the weather. This is under the tarp as well so I can keep dry while gathering eggs.

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Recent User Reviews

    "Nice Job"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 15, 2018
    I love this coop.

    How many pallets did you use?
  2. CCUK
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2018
    Great coop. Is the pvc piping strong enough?
  3. Nardo
    "Great repurposed materials coop"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 2, 2018
    Awesome coop. For a warmer climate this is too cool. LOL. Lots of ventilation, predator proofed, especially after the inside layer of hardware cloth was added later on. Good looking coop with room for the hens. Unique idea.


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  1. Cheryl1948
    No, they migrate south for the winter....tee hee
  2. cowtown chick
    do you see robins in a nest with a heat lamp?
  3. Troy6671
    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. cruisnmoma
    How do you keep them warm during the winter. We get snow and have to use a heating lamp. Is this just a summer home?
  5. Chickens R Us
    This coop is great!! I was thinking about raising some meaties this summer and this would be perfect.
  6. Cheryl1948
    Where are you located? What keeps them from getting too cold?
  7. Baymule
    That is so darn cute! I love it when you can build something out of things that somebody else throws away. Great job! Love the name Chicken Chapel too!
  8. cowtown chick
    @ smarsh, yea, the little frame beside the door i was gonna put some stained glass or faux plastic stained glass look in it, just havent gotten around to it yet.
  9. Sally Sunshine
  10. smarsh
    appropriate name, need some stained glass
  11. The Farm
    Looks awesome, I have about 200 pallets that I can use we will see what I can do with them.
  12. joan1708
    ingenious! thanks for sharing it!
  13. cowtown chick
    yes, we used v shaped connectors to join them at the top, We've had some wind and had a little snow, not a lot, so far so good, because of the slope, seems to slide off and if leaves/snow gets on top, just need a broom stick and lift up on tarp and it slides off. I was thinking of enclosing the box where the nesting boxes are this winter, but they are as happy as can be the way it is, they've acclimated really well. I actually get my eggs earlier when it cold. there is chicken wire on both inside and outside of the pallets, i did learn that early on, lost one due to some critters paw reaching in.
  14. joannefiddler
    Love it! Great job of recycling and innovation. May you be rewarded with many eggs!
  15. mrgreeny11
    Looks like they have used a 120' elbow that the pipe slips into at the top.
    Great idea
  16. mendocinobirds
    Great ReUse with the pallets. I think Im going to make one of these. As far as predators. Ill put this inside an exterior fence. The predators get spooky when they have to go over a fence then attack chicken wire. Plus we have the dog to get them in that situation. I also run old wire through the chicken wire to reinforce it. Im also interested in how you joined the pVC at the top,
  17. Joshua G
    Very neat design! I've wanted to make a PVC coop but haven't yet.
    How does the PVC do in the weather? Does it crack easily?
  18. Leahs Mom
    I love the bamboo pole roost. Never thought of using one!
  19. Brookhavens
    What did you use to join the PVC together at the top?
  20. Duke of Orpington
    This is one of the neatest little coops I've seen. Love your original design and repurposing of the materials.
  21. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  22. cowtown chick
    so far so good, had to put up chicken wire on inside and outside of coop for more protection, lost one chicken to something that reached its paw through one of the small holes of chicken wire, havent had any more problems, they seem to love their coop.
  23. Stumpy
    Great job! Do you have predators in your area? I ask because they could tear through that chicken wire.
  24. GFamily
    Very unique!!!
  25. judyki2004

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